• 7 Reasons why you should buy a Sea Sponge right now!

    With human waste reaching extraordinary levels, overfilling landfills and plastic impacting animal and human life, we’ve put together a few reasons why reasons why you should immediately make the switch to Honeycomb Sea Co.’s sea sponges.  Shameless :) 1. They’re all-natural and Organic  Authenti... View Post
  • Function over Form, and why that's terrible for the environment

     Form over function Coined around the 1900s, architects began to wonder whether they could call their work a ‘success’ by judging its usability or by its beauty. The retail industry today needs to seriously start considering the serious implications of their actions. The fashion industry, alone, ... View Post
  • How to use a Sea Sponge?

    A bit of a history lesson: Sea sponges are possibly one of the oldest organisms alive today, used in the 8th Century BC as a common cleaning and bathing product. They are usually found on hard surfaces like ocean floors and when cut (leaving the base intact) grow back within 2-3 years bigger and ... View Post