7 Reasons why you should buy a Sea Sponge right now!

With human waste reaching extraordinary levels, overfilling landfills and plastic impacting animal and human life, we’ve put together a few reasons why reasons why you should immediately make the switch to Honeycomb Sea Co.’s sea sponges.

 Shameless :)

1. They’re all-natural and Organic 

Authentically Greek, our divers harvest our sponges right out of the ocean and, as countless scientific documents back, this promotes sponge health as we leave the base intact, allowing the sponge to grow back bigger and healthier than it was originally, making our sponges a renewable natural source.

2. They’re sustainable, eco-friendly and create zero waste

As our process and product creates no waste from the harvesting all the way to the packaging, we are doing our bit by sustainably producing a product that works as a much healthier and eco-friendly alternative to plastic scrubbers. Additionally, they last up to 4 years with maintenance and are 100% bio-degradable.

3. They’re chemical and paraben free

 Unlike with plastic, you can safely use our sponges on yourself and children knowing that they come straight from the ocean to your home. No hidden preservatives, chemicals or parabens!

4. They’re naturally anti-bacterial

 Sea sponges, unlike synthetic sponges, contain properties to inhibit micro-organism growth on your sponge even in the warm conditions of your bathroom. Additionally, due to the pore structure of the sponge, they are essentially self-cleaning and wash out most dirt when squeezed.

5. They’re rich with minerals

 To name a few: Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Iron, Zinc and Potassium. Now you can not only relax and de-stress during baths, but also revitalize your body with essential minerals with no additional effort.

6. They’re great for sensitive skin as they’re deliriously soft

 When in water, they sponges soften beyond expectation and treat sensitive or younger skin with the utmost of care.

7. They’re not plastic

Our sponges prevent you from poisoning your body with plastic and ultimately joining the continent-sized area of trash in the ocean.