Before you buy another plastic scrubber, read this!

Those puffy mesh things you use to scrub in the shower but you probably thought they were good for your skin, right? 


It is estimated 98 per cent of dermatologists would recommend you NEVER use a shower puff. 

That’s because the dead skin cells you scrub off gets caught in the folds of netting. 

 “Then you put them in this environment in the shower that’s warm and moist and gross, and it’s a set up for bacteria, yeast, and mould to grow in the puff, he added. 

If you use them on newly shaved skin, the news is even worse. The bacteria can then get into any tiny nicks and result in infections and bad skin. 

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology found these bath time buffers host a wide range of bacterial species and bacteria overgrowth literally happens overnight. 

Sea sponges are a great alternative to their plastic counterparts, only they are naturally anti-bacterialThey have tiny microbial particles that ensure no bacteria can grow on your sponge.  

All they need is a soak in water and tea spoon of apple cider vinegar or some tea tree oil and they are back to giving you full skin protection!  

“For some reason I have used a plastic mesh buff in the shower for years and suddenly thought …Why am I using this piece of plastic on my skin?!”– Jane C.  

Not only anti-bacterial but anti-fungal as well. Rich in minerals and nitrates, you are guaranteed both peace of mind and the most luxurious scrub you’ve ever had.  

Sea sponges are INCREDIBLY soft and offer just enough scrub to exfoliate without being too rough. Sensitive skin sufferers have been known to prefer sea sponges as they are ideal for a gentle cleanse.  

I have very sensitive skin, having had eczema growing up. This sponge is so soft. The best part is that it doesn't irritate my skin! Top product.” – Kotey M. 

Not the cheapest alternative… but their benefits are a great investment, as they last up to 2 years with minimal care. Completely sustainable and (obviously) organic, if you want to help your skin and the planet, get yourself one of these! 

Take a look at these natural Greek ones by Honeycomb Sea Co at 15% off - while stocks last.  


The sponge is the best purchase I have made in years and I think all my girlfriends will be getting them for birthday presents!” - Jane C. 

Invest in your skin. It’s going to represent you for a long time.  

  • By Alison Maloney for the S. Metha 20 Sep 2016Updated: 20 June 2019.