Function over Form, and why that's terrible for the environment

 Form over function

Coined around the 1900s, architects began to wonder whether they could call their work a ‘success’ by judging its usability or by its beauty. The retail industry today needs to seriously start considering the serious implications of their actions. The fashion industry, alone, produces 20% of the world’s waste and is the second largest polluter of all industries.

Landfill Site Rubbish Pile

It takes 5000 gallons of water to make one cotton t-shirt and a pair of jeans. The slightest imperfection means the clothing meets the trash can. Not sent for a small stitch repair. Not donated to the misfortunate. And all that water goes down the drain.

A study in the UK showed that 81% of consumers would be happy to buy imperfect produce. Yet, 4.5 million tones of fresh produce are being thrown away each year for being too ‘wonky’. Ultimately, it is far more beneficial to the retailer and the environment for the produce to be sold at a discounted rate rather than finding itself rotting at a landfill and releasing unnecessary greenhouse gases.

With several landfills globally reaching capacity, it has been predicted that they will start to overflow around the 2030s, a mere 11 years away! Whether it be legislation, bans or protests, the retail industry need to be given a sharp shock to keep them alert and aware.

This principle is completely out of date and out of proportion to the effort it takes to grow, manufacture, recycle ANY product. We do not believe in it and therefore do not promote it with our business. Our natural sea sponges come in variety of shapes and sizes formed the way mother nature intended. It is our duty as custodians of this industry to educate people about the various species, sizes and shapes available.

We aim to preserve the magic in each form. Help us in re-using, recycling and not discarding things that are not 100% perfect. They might still be perfect for the function, just not the form.

Bath Sponge Scrub Natural Sea Sponge

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