Natural Honeycomb Sea Sponges & Sustainability



Sustainability has always been at the heart of Honeycomb Sea Co. We wanted to find unique, safe and ecological products to use on your skin. This leads us to products like the Honeycomb Natural Sea Sponge. This wonderful bath scrub has been sustainably harvested for hundreds of years and we are so excited to share it with you! 

Our sponges are still harvested and sold, today with more focus on sustainability than ever before. Expert divers swim to depths of up to 70m, leaving the stem of each sponge intact to ensure re-growth.

The diver then cut the sponge loose from the bottom and put a special net around it. Skilled divers could stay down for up to 5 mins depending on lung capacity.

Today, modern breathing equipment allows greater time spend harvesting at greater depths. This has also brought greater dangers with risk to the divers of water pressure related injuries.


With increased global sea temperatures year on year, sea sponges are at greater risk of losing habitat as well as mass bleaching. The effects of which can be devastating. Coupled with increasing desire for comfortable living within cities, the ‘changing weather’ represents more than just heat. It represents a way of life that is very much on the brink of disappearing.

With each purchase of a Honeycomb Sea sponge, you will be helping a century's old tradition. You purchase will go to supporting the Greek divers from Crete. 

Change starts here Honeycomb Organic Natural Sea Sponge