Sensitive Skin

We started on this journey to bring Sea sponges to people who wanted them. After a while though, we asked ourselves, "what more we could do to help people?" 

How  better can we help people, help the environment and help our customers. We discovered that a number of us do not know where to start when it comes to our skin. From simple things like which products to use, to more critical things, like which of these products were sustainable and natural.

We spent some time identifying products that we thought could help people with sensitive skin. We wanted to start where we could make the most impact and then  move on to the other challenges; like where these products come from and how harmful are they to the environment? 

Sensitive skin affects 1 in 7. You may have an area of skin that makes you feel self-conscious or know someone who suffers form sensitive skin. Here are 8 characteristics to help you identify of sensitive skin along with useful take-aways to aid you find great, safe products that may help.

Look out for:

  1. Flush Skin
  2. Sting or Burning skin
  3. Dry Patchy skin
  4. Rashes and Bumps
  5. Itchiness
  6. Sun Sensitivity
  7. Broken Capillaries
  8. Smell Good and Your Skin Don’t Mix

For a further look into each of these sections we have paired a useful product and take-away of how to treat the cause. With every purchase of our natural sea sponge you will receive our FREE list of products that could help if you suffer from sensitive skin.